Weekly Club Net - 8:00PM Thursdays on 146.76
Monthly Meeting - Last Tuesday except June/December - 6:30PM


The 146.88 Repeater features a connection to the Allstarlink network.  Allstar is an open source system built on the Asterisk PBX platform allowing repeaters and simplex nodes to be linked.

The node number is 456771.



  • Always identify with your call sign when entering DTMF commands.
  • When connecting to a larger system (like the WIN system), please ensure other systems are disconnected (*76).
    • Most systems have policies against connecting them to other large systems.
  • Allstar was installed in late July and we may still have bugs to work out - if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave AD8G directly.
  • The repeater currently does NOT transmit allstar with CTCSS and therefore you must listen in carrier squelch (this is on my todo list).
  • When unused for 120 minutes, nodes will automatically be disconnected.
  • Before connecting/disconnecting, listen to the repeater for a few minutes to be sure it's not being used. Then use *70 to check the current status or see below.



Courtesy tones - the tone you hear right after a station completes their transmission - help indicate the state of the repeater.

  • Local users on 146.88 will trigger the standard courtesy tone (512Hz/646Hz).
    • If another allstar node is connected, you will hear an additional two-tone courtesy beep (1533Hz, then 1209Hz).
  • Remote users from linked allstar nodes have a higher-pitched courtesy tone (700Hz/1100Hz).


Key up the repeater, identify with your callsign, and enter the following using the DTMF pad on your radio.

*1<nodenum>Disconnects the node specified by <nodenum>
*2<nodenum>Connect to the node specified by <nodenum> - listen only
*3<nodenum>Connect to the node specified by <nodenum> - transceive
*70Play current system status (including linked nodes)
*76Disconnect all nodes
*77Reconnect previously disconnected node(s) - use this if you mess up!


There are a number of allstar nodes that have regularly-scheduled nets that we think our members will find interesting.  The system will automatically connect to the proper node a few minutes ahead of the scheduled net start time.

If you have any questions or suggestions for items to add to this list, please contact Dave AD8G.

DayStart TimeEnd Time*Node/SystemDescription/Link to Info
Tuesday8:00 PM 45225 - East Coast ReflectorAllStar Technical Net
Wednesday7:00 PM7:55 PM2135 - WAN SystemHam Shack Net
Friday10:00 PM 2560 - WIN SystemTechnical Net
Every Day2:00 AM 2560 - WIN SystemInsomniac Trivia Net
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